Poo Garden at Maker Faire

~~ Poo Garden functional display at this year's Maker Faire was a HIT!


Despite initial hesitation, people started using Poo Garden on Saturday during Marker Faire, by Sunday, they were coming back with friends and relatives. Word-of-mouth spread to the line at the indoor restrooms, people were told to come try out the Poo Garden because there's no wait - causing small lines to form for periods of Sunday.


The feedback we got was incredible! By the end of Sunday at closing, one of the other vendors came back - for a 3rd visit of the weekend, and marveled at the pleasantness of our toilet, "This is the best PortaPotty ever! It's so pleasant to use; it's amazing - doesn't smell!" I have to agree, as a toilet attendant without a tent all Sunday afternoon, I was sitting really close in order to use the structure as shade. It was pretty surprising even to me, after such rush of pretty intense use, the Poo Garden did not smell...


We also received feedback that the curtain make some feel insecure because of the wind. We will definitely provide doors for our next iteration of Poo Garden.


We are so grateful for the people who 'braved-the-frontier', and made our display a truly functional one! And big THANK YOUs to all who made small donations toward printing pamphlets and material cost. We had a  BLAST, hope you did too ;)

It works!
It works!